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Who We Are

The CU Sounding Rocket Laboratory (CUSRL) is one of the largest student research and development organization at CU, and is a premier amateur rocketry group in the state of Colorado. CUSRL provides an environment where, through hands-on, in-depth engineering projects, CU students have the opportunity to work collaboratively throughout the entirety of the engineering process. Through this process, SRL members develop technical and leadership skills, as well as experience with regard to practical side of engineering; which have been proven to help SRL members become valuable engineers and contributors to a vast array of disciplines within industry.


33,169 ft
Mach 2.1
April 2nd

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Our strides towards making space accessible to university students, and in developing those shaping the future of aerospace, is being made possible with help from the following organizations:

What does SRL offer?

Engineering Project Scope

Through our intensive projects, students have the valuable opportunity to participate in all phases of project execution- from conceptualization to manufacturing to launch.

Composites Manufacturing Experience

SRL’s innovative Composite Motor Development program and vehicle manufacturing techniques give students a unique insight on composite structural theory, manufacturing methods, and safety.

High Power Rocketry Certification

All SRL members are encouraged to obtain their Level 1 certifications in high power rocketry through Tripoli Rocketry Association. Certification preparatory courses are taught by certified members and costs are subsidized by the club.