The CU Sounding Rocket Lab Avionics Team is responsible for the design, test, and integration of a flight computer for Guidance, Navigation, and Control as well as Data Acquisition and Processing of a Sounding Rocket. Some of the core areas we focus on are:

  • RF ( Uplink / Downlink )
  • State Estimation Algorithms ( i.e. Kalman Filter )
  • Embedded Systems
  • PCB Design/Assembly
  • Communication Protocols ( i.e. I2C, SPI, CANBUS )
  • Real-Time Operating Systems
  • Flight Software ( i.e. core Flight System (cFS) )
  • and Data Science

Our current system in development is the YONIX V5.1, and it is comprised of 6 boards interconnected via a CANBUS network. The boards accomplish several core objectives required for a successful flight, them being Power, Control, RF, Data Acquisition (Sensor Suite), and finally the Main Flight Software (The brains of the entire system). This system is still being developed very heavily, with several key milestones to be hit within the coming year. This team is comprised of passionate Aerospace Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Computer Science Majors, and we’re always lookin’ for new passionate members who want to join the YONIX crew!

First POC: Zoë Roy

Second POC: Jason Popich

Summer 2021 Meeting Time (Mountain Daylight Time)
Thursdays @ 8:00 pm

SNS-001 | Sensor Board for YONIX v5.1