Composites Manufacturing

From custom phenolics to the first and largest student-built fully composite solid rocket motors, composites are the backbone of SRL’s technologies. Tremendous R&D effort has gone into scaling manufacturing while refining part quality for our flagship project Spaceshot. We are working to implement a 2-week Spaceshot production cycle via flexible tooling and tight process control.


4-axis CNC Filament Winder

This is the machine that makes the machine. Designed in-house, it has replaced our previous 2-axis commercial winder that we had been reverse engineering for 3+ years. Starting from scratch gave us the opportunity to create a system capable of evolving in a rapid feedback loop with our vehicle and propulsion technology. It is responsible for producing:

  • Airframe sections up to 15′ long/18″ diameter
  • R-class solid rocket motors
  • Carbon overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs)
  • Liquid engine nozzles

Additionally, interchangeable tooling will enable us to machine radial holes and slots, finish part surfaces, and perform automated welds. Integrating a plethora of tooling into a single CNC machine pushes more manufacturing effort into software. More software defined manufacturing complexity results in a higher degree or quality control. Our software stack is comprised of:

  • CADWIND for wind toolpath generation
  • Custom gcode generator machining and welding operations
  • Mach4 for machine interface and motion control
6″ COPV Test Wind
State of construction as of February 2022.
Airframe wind from late January 2022.

Curing Oven

The large curing oven has been completed and is now an integral piece of the manufacturing workflow. The oven allows for faster curing times of the Aeropoxy resin used for winding, and facilitates smoother mandrel extraction.

Mandrel Extractor

Our motor casing and airframes are wound on cylindrical mandrels which have to be removed from the finished part post-cure. This process grows more difficult as the mandrels see more use and lose their concentricity. Our mandrel extractor, also known as “The Negotiator”, uses a set of hydraulic jacks to pull the mandrel out from the cured composite.

POC: Graham Kersey – – 407-712-5913

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