COVID-19 Response

If you are looking to submit your COVID-19 waiver for in-person operations, do so here.

Safety is our ultimate concern. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and regulations put in place by CU Boulder, SRL has terminated all in-person club activities for the immediate future. Instead, the organization will be focused on developing three key areas:

Engineering Design and Analysis

SRL has been able to excel through rapid, iterative development that focuses on our ability to manufacture and test hardware. Current circumstances that limit our manufacturing ability provide a perfect platform for us to place a renewed emphasis on thorough, informed engineering design & analysis principles.


Team members at SRL share the ability to learn quickly and apply their knowledge to current projects. To ensure this knowledge is propagated, team members are encouraged to propose and develop a class teaching other members about a particular technical subject. See Lecture Series for more.


Accompanying other initiatives, SRL is dedicating itself to improving technical documentation processes in all stages of project development. Students are encouraged to document design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly, test, and launch procedures in a professional and intelligible manner. This will allow us to more fully demonstrate our knowledge and achievements to entities outside our organization.

While our current capabilities are limited, the future of SRL is not uncertain. We will continue developing our skills in a safe and healthy manner as we navigate the uncertainty of the next few months.