Lecture Series

SRL members have studied everything from solid rocket propellant recipes to composite manufacturing to aerodynamic control systems. Through our magnificent successes and failures, we’ve amassed a wealth of specialized technical knowledge. To ensure this knowledge is distributed to current and future team members, subject area experts have begun to compile what they’ve learned into online courses. In addition to serving as a platform for continued team learning, this initiative has allowed students to learn to condense and present highly complicated concepts in a digestible format. Courses are currently being modified and developed for public release, but our plans include hosting online courses in:

Computer-Aided Design

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is a fundamental skills for developing engineers, allowing them to create and develop designs in a three-dimensional virtual environment. Eventually, we hope to offer instructional courses in various programs, including SolidWorks, NX, and Autodesk Fusion 360.

Composite Motor Development

One of SRL’s flagship projects has been the Composite Motor Development (CMD) program. After over a year and a half, members have spent countless hours researching, designing, manufacturing, and testing composite motors. Our CMD overview course will cover the basic theory of solid rocket motor design, from chemistry to geometry to burn profiles, and how all these factors impact overall vehicle design.

TRA Level 1 Certification

SRL’s level 1 certification course functions both as a tool to accompany the pursuit of TRA certifications and as an independent class to teach members the fundamentals of rocketry. Covering basic aspects of aerodynamics, structure, and manufacturing, the course ensures that students are more than ready to delve into difficult projects upon completion. Students are also introduced to simulation and CAD software commonly used within SRL.

Technical Writing

A critical and oft-overlooked aspect of engineering, this course aims to teach members the value of clear and concise technical communication, presenting lessons in both theory and modern applications and tools.