Mamba will be the CU Sounding Rocket Lab’s first rocket produced that will be classified as a class 3 rocket, which is a rocket with an impulse greater than 40,960 newton-seconds. This will be by far our fastest (Mach 3.6) and highest-flying rocket to date (100k ft), and we are very excited to begin developing the next generation of SRL vehicles.

Mamba is currently planned to launch in Fall 2023.


We, as the University of Colorado Sounding Rocket Lab (SRL), are going to design and build Mamba because it will allow us to test hardware and technology in an environment that is similar to SRL’s ultimate goal of reaching space. From this project we hope to learn the work and effort that goes into creating a rocket capable of reaching space. We also hope to discover how we need to improve our manufacturing techniques as well as our technologies so as to enable us to reach space.
This rocket will further student involvement in SRL because as a new project new members will have the ability to leave their mark not only on the project but also the future of SRL as a whole. It will provide unique and interesting engineering challenges that will go beyond the classroom to help teach the next generation of aerospace engineers.

Christopher Lolkema